Santa Claus

Christmas Cottage,

North Pole,




Dear Children,

             I am writing to you from my house in the North Pole, where it is very cold at the moment.

I hope that you like the picture of me and Mrs. Claus - as you can see she always makes sure that I'm well wrapped up in warm clothes when I go out. Mrs Claus has just knitted me a new scarf to go with my red snow suit.

My little helpers, the Christmas Elves, have been very busy helping in the workshop this year making lots of lovely toys. Nearly all of the gifts are now being wrapped!

Rudolf and the other reindeers can't wait for our special journey! My sleigh has been painted and we are all ready to fly across the sky over the chimneys and rooftops on Christmas Eve.

I've checked my list to see whether you have been naughty or nice this year and I'm glad to say that you have been very good (most of the time!) and I will definitely be delivering some nice gifts to your home!

Don't forget to hang up your stockings and make sure that you go to sleep as quickly as you can because I can't make a delivery if you're still awake!

Merry Christmas


Santa Claus


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By Marcus Tidmarsh