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Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
The Christmas Tree is one of the most enduring and beautiful symbols that we associate with this special time of the year. This article details some useful facts and information and lots of Christmas Tree Theme Ideas. Everyone loves the custom and tradition of decorating trees! Lots of free ideas and easy instructions for creating a wonderful tree for your home during the festive holiday season together with lots of Christmas Tree Theme Ideas. Christmas Tree Theme Ideas are highly influenced by the themes that suit you, your home and your family! Here are some themes that should trigger some Christmas Tree Theme Ideas:

Traditional Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
Traditional Ideas - Use green, red and gold for a traditional theme. Victorian style ornaments go with the traditional styles!

Minimal Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
For Minimalist Style Theme and Ideas  consider Snowflakes as your theme. This will fit in with a modern minimalist decor. Use white ornaments, white lights and white colored garlands. Add some sparkle with some silver ornaments.

Birds and Animals Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
Birds and Animals Theme - There are many bird ornaments and decorations, not just the robin. There are also many ornaments based on animals! You could perhaps go for a 'reindeer' theme! These are unusual ideas which are sure to become the topic of conversation!

Santa Claus Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
Santa Claus theme ideas - Base the whole of the concept of the tree on the legend of Santa Claus! Ornaments of Santa, Mrs. Claus, reindeers, sleighs and elves will help you to create this festive theme!

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas that appeal to Kids and Children!
Children's Treasure theme and ideas - A theme and style that will delight the kids and children in a family. Use old fashioned, wooden toys, gold foil chocolate coins, candy canes etc. Encourage the kids to make homemade decorations to add to the effect. The kids would love these types of ideas!


Candy Cane, Chocolate or Gingerbread Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
Base your ideas around an edible theme! You can even create a new family tradition by eating the decorations when the Christmas season is over - at least it would give the children and kids something else to look forward to! You will be amazed at the number, selection and sizes of candy canes you can get! Same applies to chocolate decorations. Develop the idea further and adopt a Gingerbread theme and get the children and kids to help create some gingerbread ornaments.

Traditional Materials for Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
Use ornaments and decorations made of the same materials such as wood or rafia. Involve the whole family in creating homemade crafts and ornaments for the tree - wonderful ideas for creating festive keepsakes. If you like creating homemade crafts then this idea is perfect for you!

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas from the Movies!
Favorite film or movie themes - Think of favorite movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Wizard of Oz or Star Wars, Nightmare before Christmas to get some really unusual Christmas Tree Theme Ideas!

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas from around the World!
Christmas around the World theme Ideas - This idea will take some planning. Our family purchase an ornament or decoration for the tree whenever they go on vacation or holiday. Our Christmas tree decorating ideas hold special memories of happy times! But you could go for themes relating to a specific country - how about China? You could use colorful paper lanterns as a basis for your Chinese decorating style to develop your ideas and theme.

Colors for Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
Our Christmas Tree Theme ideas should centre around specific colors of your choice.

  • Green and Red theme: Green and red are the colors which are most closely associated with Christmas due to their associations with Christmas evergreens and the red robe worn by Saint Nicholas, who our modern day Santa Claus was based

  • Gold and Silver: Gold and silver are neutral colors which go with any other predominant colors of your choice

  • The prettiest trees are those with a minimum of color - but many people prefer an absolute riot of color which appeal to children and kids!

  • Every year there are color 'fads' - Mauve ornaments might be 'in' this year and out the next

  • You could choose colors that have personal fun meanings, such as the colors of favorite football teams - unusual ideas for your theme!

  • Try to restrict the colors that you choose to two base colors which you can compliment using gold and silver

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas
Special skills and expensive decorations are not required to create a special centre piece for your home at this special time of the year. Sparkling fairy lights, tinsel and ornaments are easily affordable and our facts, information and Christmas Tree Theme Ideas will help create a merry, festive atmosphere!

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

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  • Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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