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Family Christmas Traditions in England
Christmas is celebrated all around the world. Each country has different customs and traditions. This article is a personal view of our family Christmas traditions.

Family Christmas Traditions
Family Christmas Traditions! A tradition is a specific practice of long standing in which unwritten customs and practices are passed from one generation to the next. These are the family Christmas Traditions and customs which have been passed down to my family who have always lived in London. Our Family Christmas Traditions and customs have changed as time passes, but the majority of traditions and customs have stayed the same!

  • We start to think about Christmas in November to give everyone time to prepare for the holidays and buy Christmas presents

  • The season starts in England with elaborate lighting being switched on in famous shopping areas such as Oxford Street in London

  • A great Christmas tree is erected in Trafalgar Square in London and is a focal point for carol singing

  • If we have time we make homemade mincemeat which consists of dried fruit and nuts. Everyone stirs the mixture and makes a wish. We now buy our Christmas Pudding from the food hall in Harrods. A previous family tradition was to place silver three-penny bits in the pudding! Coins are no longer silver so this family tradition has stopped

  • The house is decorated on December 1. We have an artificial tree which replaced the live tree a few years ago due to complaints about sharp pine needles!

  • Popular festive plants include holly, ivy, mistletoe, the Christmas amaryllis and poinsettias are also used to brighten the house

  • The decorations on the tree are special to the family. There are ornaments from all over the world. It is a Family Christmas tradition to buy a tree ornament in every country we visit. A musical ornament is also hung which was bought for my son's first birthday in 1978

  • A musical box with a pop-up Father Christmas (we always use this name rather than Santa Claus) takes pride of place as do the lighted miniature houses our version of a Christmas village

  • A Christmas Wreath is attached to the front door, nearer to Christmas

  • Schools stage Nativity plays starring small children - out come the handkerchiefs!

  • The Saturday before Christmas we have a traditional family feast. Friends are invited who will spend their Christmas with their own families. The numbers keep increasing - fold up tables and extra chairs are needed to seat everyone. It is a Christmas family tradition to lay the table in a formal, festive style, using the best dishes, glasses and cutlery. Table decorations, candles and Christmas Crackers are included. Wine and champagne are the traditional drinks

    • Traditional family starters - Prawn Cocktail / Fresh Melon with fruit berries

    • Traditional family Christmas Dinner - Roast turkey, stuffing, sausages wrapped in bacon, brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower cheese, peas, roast parsnips, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce and gravy

    • Traditional family Christmas Desserts - Christmas Pudding and Brandy Butter / Mince Pies / Chocolate Cake / Fresh Fruit Salad

    • Cheese and savoury Biscuits

    • Liqueur coffees and chocolate mints

  • After the meal everyone plays games - a treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, quiz etc. The whole event takes about 4 hours when the tables are cleared and people just chat, relax and clean up!

  • Santa Claus is commonly known as Father Christmas in England and delivers the presents and fills the stockings on Christmas Eve. A family tradition is to place one present on the beds of children which they are allowed to open when they wake up (a family tradition which is really a ploy to get more sleep on Christmas Day!)

  • Christmas Day is a Bank holiday in England when very few people work and when people all get together for a great celebratory meal (similar to the above) and open gifts

  • Many English people go to church in the morning and after the main meal families relax by playing games or simply watching the TV

  • 26th December which is known as Boxing Day in England and is traditionally a day for many sporting events especially English football (soccer) matches and horse racing events

  • The decorations are all taken down by Twelfth Night, 6th January, as it is deemed to be bad luck to show decorations after this date

Family Christmas Traditions
This article provides an overview of our Family Christmas Traditions. Lots of free, facts and information for kids, children and teachers! Popular English Christmas traditions detailing the celebrations, gift giving, Father Christmas and other customs followed in England.

Family Christmas Traditions


Family Christmas Traditions

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Family Christmas Traditions

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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