Christmas Quiz for Kids Questions

Christmas Quiz for Kids Questions

  1. Question 1 - How is Rudolf's nose described in the song?

  2. Question 2 - What date in December is Christmas Day ?

  3. Question 3 - How many Wise Men were there?

  4. Question 4 - What three gifts did the Wise Men bring for the baby Jesus?

  5. Question 5 - What did Frosty the Snowman have for a nose?

  6. Question 6 - What's the name of the evergreen plant that it's traditional to kiss under ?

  7. Question 7 - What American government agency tracks Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve?

  8. Question 8 - What guided the wise men to the infant Jesus?

  9. Question 9 - The following letters represent each of the words in the title of which Christmas Song - RTRNR?

  10. Question 10 - How many sides does a snowflake have?

  11. Question 11 - What's the name of the Christmas carol about evergreen plants?

  12. Question 12 - What did Mary wrap the baby Jesus in?

  13. Question 13 - What was the name of the character played by Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone?

  14. Question 14 - According to the carol, how many ships came sailing in on Christmas Day?

  15. Question 15 - What were the shepherds doing in the fields?

  16. Question 16 - Who helps Santa Claus to make toys for Christmas?

  17. Question 17 - In which town was the baby Jesus born?

  18. Question 18 - Do you now the names of 2 of Santa's reindeer?

  19. Question 19 - In Toy Story, the final scene takes place on Christmas Day. What were the names of the rivals in the film (the cowboy and the sci-fi action figure)?

  20. Question 20 - How would you say 'Merry Christmas' in France?


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