Santa Claus Clebrations

Free, Printable Christmas Letter Tiles!
Have some fun puzzling over our free, printable Christmas Letter Tiles - a fun festive activity and boredom buster for the holidays. The puzzles are all free and printable! We have detailed the objective and the instructions for playing our collection of printable Christmas Letter Tiles. Our free, printable Tiles are a great way to test your skills, exercise your brain and have some quiet time for yourself! Print out your free Christmas Letter Tiles and have some festive fun and free, relaxing entertainment!

What are Letter Tiles?
What are Letter Tile puzzles? Puzzles with Letter Tiles are a a form of word play in which jumbled letters have to be re-arranged to spell words of a festive phrase. Examples of a Xmas letter tile puzzle is as follows:


Solution: Merry Christmas

Objective of Christmas Letter Tiles
The objective of our Christmas Letter Tiles is to
create a phrase which is spelled by rearranging the letters contained in the tiles.

Test your Skills with our Christmas Letter Tiles
Test your skills with our printable Christmas Letter Tiles! Click on the following link for a free, fully printable Xmas Letter Tiles activity sheet! The solution and answers to each of the puzzles have been detailed separately from the printable answer sheets for obvious reasons!

Christmas Letter Tiles - Perfect for Children, Teens and Adults!
Adding a festive theme to our Xmas Letter tiles provides a quiet way to have some festive fun. They are often quite difficult and usually played by older children, teens and adults! Our Christmas letter tiles will provide a fun challenge and are a help to increasing your skills! We have a great selection of free Xmas Letter Tiles for you to print! We have also provided printable answer sheets! Set aside some time during the holidays to solve and solve our festive Letter Tiles!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Letter Tiles

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Christmas Letter Tiles

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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