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Free, Printable Christmas Crossword Puzzles!
Have some fun playing our free, printable Christmas Crossword Puzzles - a fun Christmas activity and boredom buster for the Christmas season and holidays. Full information and instructions provided to play and have some festive fun with useful hints and tips - they are all free and printable! We have detailed the objective and the instructions for our collection of printable Christmas Crossword Puzzles. Our free, printable Christmas Crossword Puzzles are a great way to test your skills, exercise your brain and have some quiet time for yourself! Print your free Christmas Crossword Sheets and have some festive fun and free entertainment!

Objective of Christmas Crossword Puzzles
The objective of crosswords is to fill the white squares with letters, which form words or phrases, by solving clues which lead to the answers.

Test your Skills with our Christmas Crossword Puzzles
Test your skills with our printable Christmas Crossword Puzzles! Our selection has been categorised into easy, hard and downright fiendish Christmas Crossword Puzzles. Click a link for a fully printable puzzle activity sheet! Enjoy!

Answers to our Christmas Crossword Puzzles
The solution and answers to each of our easy, hard and fiendish Christmas Crossword Puzzles have been detailed separately from the printable sheets for obvious reasons!

Free help in solving Crossword Puzzles
The following are our tips containing some helpful information and
free help in solving crossword puzzles:

  • Fill in the easy / obvious answers, both across (horizontally) and down (vertically)
  • Use a pencil to complete the answers so that you can remove mistakes and make changes easily
  • Have a read through all the questions again and perhaps something new will come to mind. Sometimes answers become clearer when some of the letters from other answers are completed
  • Check for plurals in the clues, such as 'holidays.' Put an ‘s’ in the last position, which may help you work out other answers
  • Look at the tense of the clues, present or past tense. Sometimes inserting ‘ed’ in the last two boxes helps with other answers
  • Put the crossword down and return to it later
  • If all else fails - Ask for help !!

Facts About Crossword Puzzles - Free for you to print!
Our Christmas Crossword Puzzles are all free for you to print! A crossword is a word puzzle that takes the form of a square or rectangular grid of white and shaded squares running vertically and horizontally. The white boxes are where the crossword answers should be recorded. The crossword squares in which answers begin are numbered. The numbers correspond to the clues provided. The shaded squares, usually black, are used to separate the answers. Clues are given to help you solve the puzzle and enter the correct answer. A number, in brackets, follows each clue and this indicates how many letters the answer should be.

Christmas Crossword Puzzles - Did you Know...
Did you know that Crossword puzzles have only been around for less than one hundred years? The first puzzle was created in 1913 by Arthur Wynne, a Liverpool journalist, who published a 'word-cross' puzzle in the New York World. The construction of a crossword is known as cruciverbalism. Someone who makes a crossword is referred to as a cruciverbalist!

Christmas Crossword Puzzles - Perfect for Kids, Children and Adults!
Adding a Christmas theme to Crossword Puzzles provides a quiet way to have some festive fun. They can be played by kids, children, teens and adults! Crossword puzzles provide hours of fun and are a fantastic way of increasing your vocabulary - no matter how old you are! Our Christmas Crossword puzzles can vary in difficulty form simple, easy clues which are great for kids, children, teens and adults and really hard cryptic clues which just drive you crazy! Whatever your preference may be we have a great selection of free Christmas crossword puzzles for you to print! We have also provided printable answer sheets! Set aside some time this Christmas to solve and fill in crossword puzzles!

Christmas Crossword Puzzles

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Christmas Crossword Puzzles

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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