Christmas Anagram Puzzles

Christmas Anagram Puzzles

Can you rearrange the letters in the anagrams below to make festive phrases? The numbers in brackets after each anagram indicate the number of words in the festive phrase.
Write your solution under each Christmas anagram and then compare with our Anagram Answer Sheet

Anagram 1 Travel and Dance (2)

Anagram 2 Rich Star Meets (2)

Anagram 3 Smashing tricks cost (2)

Anagram 4 Wean again Mary (4)

Anagram 5 Vicars Themes (2)

Anagram 6 The magic swiftness heart-throb (5)

Anagram 7 Spice in 'em (2)

Anagram 8 Modestly switch after-shave (5)

Anagram 9 He's Fat, Smart, Rich (2)

Anagram 10 Scathing mud drips (2)

Anagram 11 Red Ernie (1)

Anagram 12 Let in Things (2)