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Humorous Christmas Poems
Enjoy the magic of Humorous Poems. Browse our collection of free poems for the festive holiday season. A delightful selection of poems for kids, children and adults who would like some poetic and perhaps some funny  words for this special time of the year. We have Humorous Christmas Poems to make you and your children smile. Humorous words reflecting the world in which we live - sometimes funny and often cynical. A collection of Humorous Christmas Poems to suit all tastes and senses of humour. Some famous and some less well known humorous poems and songs. Click one of the following links to access your choice of Humorous Christmas Poems and songs:

Humorous Christmas Poems
T'was the Internet Night Before Christmas
There once was an Elf named Fred
All I want for Christmas is some Prada
Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Christmas is Coming
Christmas is coming the stores are getting fat
Ding dong merrily on high Parody
God rest ye merry shoppers
God Rest You poor small businessmen
Good King Wenceslas Parody
Jingle bells, Batman smells
Jingle Tills
O Internet! O Internet!
Santa Claus Is tapping your phone
Santa Man
The Chemistry Teacher's coming to town
The Twelve Days of Fast Food
12 days of Christmas Parody
We four lads of Liverpool are
While shepherds washed their socks at night
Deck the malls with loads of money

T'was The Month After Christmas
Christmas Cheer

A Politically Correct Christmas Poem
Should You And Your Dog Ever Call At My Door
Wassail! Wassail! All Over The Town
Neath mistletoe
Santa Claus's Visit
The Mousie
Christmas Presents
For the Children or the Grown-Ups?
Beware Of Egg-Nog
Jest 'Fore Christmas
On Lending a Punch-Bowl

Humorous Christmas Poems and Songs

Humorous Christmas Poems
Poems and poetry have existed since antiquity, in nearly all languages. Christmas Poems or pieces of poetry, such as seen in this collection of Humorous Christmas Poems, consists of a composition in verse (either blank or rhyming) which is characterized by imagination and poetic diction and the words of which reflect the festive season. We hope you enjoy the words of this festive poetry, Humorous Christmas Poems.

Humorous Christmas Poems - Wassailing
The old English poems which form part of this collection have a theme of Wassailing running through them. "Wassail" is an old English word for a toast similar to "Good Health" and the wassail is the content of the glass or goblet consisting of ale or wine flavored with sugar and spices.

Humorous Christmas Poems
The festive season really does bring happiness and good cheer. And everyone enjoys having a laugh. What a great way to bring a smile to your face by reading some of the selection of humorous Xmas poems. Some are old and some of them are new.

Humorous Christmas Poems

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Humorous Christmas Poems

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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