Santa Claus Clebrations

Free Christmas Poems
Enjoy the magic of Free Christmas Poems. Browse our collection of free poetry for the festive holiday season. A delightful selection of poems for kids, children and adults who would like some poetic and perhaps some inspirational words for this special time of the year. We have a massive selection of Free Christmas Poems to make you and your children smile. Inspirational words reflecting the true meaning of this special time of the year. A collection of Free Poems to suit all tastes from young children to the  adults in the family, some famous and some less well known! Everyone of our poems are free and we have arranged them under specific headings to make it easier to access the types of poems you would like to read.  Click one of the following links to access your choice of Free Christmas Poems:

Free Christmas Poems
Free Poems
Christmas Cheer
The Foolish Fir-Tree
A Christmas Carol by George Wither
Ceremonies for Christmas
The Oxen

Christmass Lamentation
The York Waits

Come, Bring With A Noise
If Cristmasse Day On Monday Be
O You Merry, Merry Souls
The Song Of The Wren
The Peaceful Night
Come all you weary wanderers
In the rush of the merry morning
Evenings we knew
A Ballad Of Santa Claus
A Cradle Song
A Visit from St. Nicholas

Free Short Poems
A Christmas Carol by Christina Rossetti
Wissal Wassail Through The Town

Should You And Your Dog Ever Call At My Door
England Was Merry England
Wassaile The Trees
When Rosemary And Bays, The Poet's Crown
Holly And Ivy
Little Angels All Around
Holy Angels, And Blest
Old Father Christmas
Good Master, At Your Door
If New Year's Eve Night Wind Blow South
A Man Might Then Behold
So Hallow'd And So Gracious Is The Time
Let not the useless sorrow
Well we know them, never weary
Mist and cloud and darkness
A Christmas Wish for All My Friends
My Christmas Wish
Saint Nick
The Mousie
Santa's New Idea

Free Christmas Poems for Kids
T'was the Night before Christmas
Santa Claus And His Works
Should You And Your Dog Ever Call At My Door
A Ballad Of Santa Claus
Merry Christmas
Old Father Christmas
Christmas Presents
For the Children or the Grown-Ups
A Catastrophe
A Christmas Gift
A Gentle Reminder
Bells Across the Snow
The Five Best Fairies
Grandfather Knows
Kriss Kringle
Kriss Kringle by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Little Christmas Carollers
My Christmas Secrets
Nissen, The Santa Claus of Norway
Peace Forerunner
Santa's Helpers
Santa's Reindeer in the Sky
Sleigh Bells
A Visit from St. Nicholas
The Christmas Tree
Titania's Toyland
To Santa Claus
What I Should Like
Wilmington's Santa Claus

Christmas Toys
Hang Up The Baby's Stocking
Santa Claus
Sly Santa Claus

Free Humorous Poems
T'was the Internet Night Before Christmas

There once was an Elf named Fred
All I want for Christmas is some Prada
Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Christmas is Coming
Christmas is coming the stores are getting fat
Ding dong merrily on high Parody
God rest ye merry shoppers
God Rest You poor small businessmen
Good King Wenceslas Parody
Jingle bells, Batman smells
Jingle Tills
O Internet! O Internet!
Santa Claus Is tapping your phone
Santa Man
The Chemistry Teacher's coming to town
The Twelve Days of Fast Food
12 days of Christmas Parody
We four lads of Liverpool are
While shepherds washed their socks at night
Deck the malls with loads of money

T'was The Month After Christmas
Christmas Cheer

A Politically Correct Christmas Poem
Should You And Your Dog Ever Call At My Door
Wassail! Wassail! All Over The Town
Neath mistletoe
Santa Claus's Visit
The Mousie
Christmas Presents
For the Children or the Grown-Ups?
Beware Of Egg-Nog
Jest 'Fore Christmas
On Lending a Punch-Bowl

Free Religious Poems

A Christmas Carol by G.K.Chesterton

A Christmas Carol by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Christmas Bells
The Three Kings
On the Morning of Christ's Nativity
In the Holy Nativity of our Lord
Christ's Nativity

The Burning Babe
New Prince, New Pomp

Ring out, wild bells
Legend Of The Cherry Tree
The Twelve Good Joys Of Mary
A Carol Of The Innocents
As Joseph Was A-Walking
The Christmas Silence
Neighbors Of The Christ Night
The Little Gray Lamb
The Holy Night
The Star Bearer
The Three Kings Of Cologne
The Child Jesus In The Garden
Hark! How all the welkin rings
God rest ye, merry gentlemen
Hark, the glad sound
Ye who have scorn'd each other
The Adoration of the Wise Men
Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning
Christmas Carol by James S. Park
A Christmas Carol by J.R. Lowell
Christmas Candles
Christmas Eve by Eugene Field
Christmas Eve by Frank E. Broun
A Christmas Lullaby
Cradle Hymn
Hymn for the Nativity
Masters in This Hall
The Shepherds in Judea
The Three Candles

Free Poems

Poems and poetry have existed since antiquity, in nearly all languages. Poems or pieces of poetry, such as seen in this collection of Free Poems, consists of a composition in verse (either blank or rhyming) which is characterized by imagination and poetic diction and the words of which reflect the festive season. We hope you enjoy the words of this festive poetry, Free Poems.

Free Christmas Poems

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Free Christmas Poems

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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