Santa Claus Clebrations

Santa Claus
Written by: Julia C.R. Dorr

Let the first line be given by a small boy as a herald, carrying a trumpet, and dressed in tunic, tights, and velvet cap. The second line it taken up by Santa Claus, in costume of fur, with white beard and hair.

A voice from out of the northern sky:
"On the wings of the limitless winds I fly.
Swifter than thought, over mountain and vale,
City and moorland, desert and dale!
From the north to the south, from the east to the west
I hasten regardless of slumber or rest;
O, nothing you dream of can fly as fast
As I on the wings of the windy blast!

"The wondering stars look out to see
Who he that flieth so fast may be,
And their bright eyes follow my earthward track
By the gleam of the jewels I bear in my pack.
For I have treasures for high and for low:
Rubies that burn like the sunset glow;
Diamond rays for the crownèd queen;
For the princess, pearls with their silver sheen.

"I enter the castle with noiseless feet
The air is silent and soft and sweet;
And I lavish my beautiful tokens there
Fairings to make the fair more fair!
I enter the cottage of want and woe
The candle is dim and the fire burns low;
But the sleepers smile in a happy dream
As I scatter my gifts by the moon's pale beam.

"There's never a home so low, no doubt.
But I in my flight can find it out;
Not a hut so hidden but I can see
The shadow cast by the lone roof-tree!
There's never a home so proud and high
That I am constrained to pass it by,
Nor a heart so happy it may not be
Happier still when blessed by me!

"What is my name? Ah, who can tell,
Though in every land 'tis a magic spell?
Men call me that, and they call me this;
Yet the different names are the same, I wish!
Gift-bearer to all the world am I,
Joy-giver, light-bringer, where'er I fly;
But the name I bear in the courts above,
My truest and holiest name, is—LOVE!"

An Acrostic Recital
An acrostic is a poem or recital in which the first letter of the lines, taken in sequence, spell out a name, word or message. These were very popular during the Victorian era and variations were used in Victorian Parlour Games. Sadly such games have long been replaced with crossword or other word puzzles. But the Acrostic recital such as the one detailed above are really delightful. An easy method of involving children in simple entertainments especially for the festive season when message of joy and goodwill can be portrayed in this fashion.


Santa Claus

  • Santa Claus by Julia C.R. Dorr
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  • Santa Claus by Julia C.R. Dorr

Santa Claus

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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