Santa Claus Clebrations

A Game of Letters
Written by: Elizabeth J. Rook

For fourteen little ones. Each has a large card, his letter printed on it in bright colors. As he recites, he holds it up in plain view, but drops it to his side at the close of his recitation. S takes his place to the Right, the others following in the order here given until a straight line is formed.

We have a game of letters
Which we're going to show to you,
And each will name his letter
As he holds it up to view.
I have an S, a crooked S,
It stands for sugar sweet.

 And here's an A for apple pie.

 And M for good mince meat.

 T stands for turkey, fat and brown,
We have on Christmas day.

 And here is S for Santa Claus,
And also for his sleigh.

 I stands for icicles and ice,

 And R for reindeer gay.

 H stands for home and happiness,

 And C for Christmas day.

 And next in line comes letter Y;
It stands for youth and you;
We couldn't do without it,
It's in the New Year, too.

 I have an R, it stands for Right,
And I will hold it high;

 And mine I'll place beside it,
For R also have I.

 I like the letter E the best,
For what is Earth without it?
And Everything begins with E
Does anybody doubt it?

 I hold in hand a great big M,
It suits me to a T;
M stands for mother, money, too,
And, yes, it stands for me.

(All now stand close together and hold their letters at the same height. Then the following lines may be given in concert or spoken by the leader [S] alone.)

Now if you read our letters down
From left hand to the right,
You'll find a Christmas greeting
For one and all to-night.

Then beginning at the the left, each child may name his letter

M-E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S.



An Acrostic Recital
An acrostic is a poem or recital in which the first letter of the lines, taken in sequence, spell out a name, word or message. These were very popular during the Victorian era and variations were used in Victorian Parlour Games. Sadly such games have long been replaced with crossword or other word puzzles. But the Acrostic recital such as the one detailed above are really delightful. An easy method of involving children in simple entertainments especially for the festive season when message of joy and goodwill can be portrayed in this fashion.


A Game of Letters

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  • A Game of Letters by Elizabeth J. Rook

A Game of Letters

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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