Santa Claus Clebrations

A Christmas Party
Written by: Lizzie M. Hadley


1897, a bent and feeble old man with skull-cap and white beard, leaning on a cane. The number 1897 across his forehead or breast.

South Wind, a slender brunette in veil, mantle, and cape of green cheese cloth, cape belted down in the back. As she enters she flourishes her arms to throw out veil and cape.

Messenger, in lettered uniform. Four Heralds, uniformed somewhat like messenger.

Nine Fairies, very small girls. Coronets of silver paper. Flowing robes of cheese cloth with angel sleeves worn over clothing sufficiently warm for the season. Colors to present the plants whose leaves they carry. Silver belts, shoe-buckles, and necklaces. Leaves cut from green paper, and letters from gilt.

Kriss Kringle, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Knight Rupert, and Babousca in appropriate costumes.

Nine Children, in ordinary clothes.

North Wind, East Wind, and West Wind in costumes similar to South Wind, but varying in color, white for north, blue for east, and red for west. The Winds stand behind St. Nicholas and keep up a restless blowing; that is, a fluttering and ballooning of capes and veils by flourishing arms.

1897: I'm growing old and feeble,
So much excitement's wrong;
Folks should have had their Christmas
When I was young and strong.
Instead of that, they take it
When I really ought to rest.
My last days should be peaceful
But Father Time knows best

And now I must be stirring,
And call for Santa Claus;
I almost dread his coming,
There's always such a noise.
The winds shall be my heralds
Come, North Wind, where are you?
Just whisper to old Santa
That here he'll soon be due.

Now while I am about it,
Perhaps it would be best
To call that windy herald
Whose home is in the west.
(Enter South Wind)
Here comes my daughter, South Wind.

South Wind: I'm almost out of breath,
I really fear the North Wind
Intends to be my death.

1897: I'll bid him treat you kindly;
He should not be so rough;
He's getting much too boisterous,
I know that well enough.
You're all here now but East Wind
I'll call for him again.

Messenger (entering): The East Wind says his health demands
A little snow or rain.

1897: Well, well, just tell the storm clouds
To send us rain or snow.

(Snowflakes begin to fall, seen through a window, cotton or bits of paper)
Well done! Now are you ready
Upon your way to go?
For some one must be bidding
Knight Rupert come this way,
To give the German children
Their presents, Christmas day.
And then there's old Babousca
In Russia she'll be found;
Kriss Kringle and St. Nicholas,
They, too, must both be round.

Heralds: We know where each one liveth,
Full soon they shall appear.
We go to do your bidding.
Farewell, farewell, Old Year.
(Exit Heralds. Enter Fairies)

1897: Bless me! what little people!
(Speaks to first one.)
Why, who are you, my dear?
I ne'er before have seen you.
What are you doing here?

Fairies: Oh, we are little fairies
From out the ether blue.
Here is a Christmas posy
We are bringing unto you.
And the initial letters
Will a starry chaplet make.
Each trusts you will receive it,
And wear it for her sake.

First Fairy (pointing to first leaf in chaplet): This is for Cypress.
Second Fairy: And this for Holly.
Third Fairy: And this for Rose of Jericho.
Fourth Fairy: And this for Ivy.
Fifth Fairy: And this for Speedwell.
Sixth Fairy: And this for Thyme.
Seventh Fairy: And this for Mistletoe.
Eighth Fairy: And this for the quivering Aspen.
Ninth Fairy: And this for Star of Bethlehem.

(They place chaplet upon the head of 1897.)

1897: Here's thanks, my little people,
For this your posy sweet;
Your loving thought has surely
Made my happiness complete.

(Enter Kriss Kringle, Santa Claus, Prince Rupert, and Babousca.)

Why here is old Kriss Kringle;
And Santa's coming, too;
Knight Rupert and Babousca,
I welcome both of you.
And from the frozen Northland,
I see a-riding down
The cheery old St. Nicholas,
Clad in his friar's gown.

(Enter St. Nicholas.)

(Enter children, singing. They march around the stage, and finally stop in front of 1897 and the others.)

See how the children, so happy and gay,
Come marching together this glad Christmas day.

Children: With hands on our heads, while the bells sweetly chime,
All blithely we're keeping the glad Christmas time.
Marching and singing, so gayly we go,
Turning and winding in lines to and fro.
Clap all together, and sing, sing away,
So merrily keeping this glad Christmas day.


Oh, children, little children,
You're welcome here alway;
I'm glad to see you coming
To keep our Christmas day.
(Bells outside.)
Oh, children, little children,
Why do the joy-bells chime?

(Singing heard outside. The following words, to the tune of "Ring, Ye Happy Christmas Bells.")

Carol, O ye children all,
With no thought of sadness;
Welcome in the Christmas time
With your songs of gladness.

Chorus—Sing, O sing,
Bells all ring,
Let us now be merry,
Let us welcome Christmas day
With our songs so cheery.


Hark, how the winds are blowing,
What music do they bring.

Children: You hear the little children
Their Christmas carols sing.

1897: O children, little children,
What light is that afar?

Children: 'Tis shining from the heavens,
A glorious Christmas star.

1897: O children, little children,
What means its glorious rays?
And why is Christmas better
Than many other days?

Children: Oh, don't you know the story
Of the first Christmas time?
Then listen, we will tell it,
While the bells so sweetly chime.

First child: We count the years by hundreds
Since that first Christmas day.
When in a lowly manger
The little Christ-child lay.

Second child: That night some shepherds tending
Their flocks upon the hill,
Heard heavenly voices singing,
"Peace, peace! On earth, good will."

Third child: All bright as noon-tide splendor.
A light about them shone,
While louder sang the angels,
"A Saviour hath been born!"

Fourth child: And then a sudden darkness—
The voices died away,
The wondering shepherds hurried
To where the young Child lay.

Fifth child: Their flocks were all untended,
While filled with love and awe,
They bent above the manger
And the Baby Jesus saw.

Sixth child: Then, too, the wise men watching
Beheld a star that shone,
In the blue heavens above them
To tell that Christ was born.

Seventh child: And with their camels laden
With spices and gold.
They came from eastern countries
The young King to behold.

Eighth child: The star still went before them,
And pointing out the way,
It shone upon the stable
Where the Babe of Bethlehem lay

Ninth child: And then, all lowly bending,
They worshipped the young King,
And gave him from their treasures
Full many an offering.

Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle, etc.:

O children we have numbered
Long centuries since then,
But we see at every Christmas
That little Child again.
And we bring to all good children
In memory of that time,
Some pretty Christmas present,
While the joy-bells gaily chime.

1897: O children, little children,
I soon must pass away,
But 'tis good to have the memory
Of this blessed Christmas day.

Santa Claus and others: We, too, must now be going.
And as we march along,
O let us sing together
A happy Christmas song.

(All march out singing. Tune "Yankee Doodle.")

O the merry Christmas time
Now is in the way, sir,
Ev'ry sweet and happy chime
Tells of Christmas day, sir.

Christmas it is coming, now,
Don't you hear the bells, sir?
Happy Christmas time is here,
To the world we tell, sir.

A Christmas Party

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  • A Christmas Party by Lizzie M. Hadley

A Christmas Party

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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