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Free Christmas Plays
Enjoy the magic of free Christmas Plays. A selection of free plays for children and students in this section with helpful tips about the characters in the plays, the costumes in the plays and the scenery for the plays. There are also religious plays and Christian plays for kids and children which are suitable for church an school. Also included with the plays are short festive recitals, which provide kids and children an opportunity to entertain without the huge amount of work associated with producing plays. Click one of the following links to access your choice of Christmas Plays:

Christmas Plays and Skits
Free Christmas PlaysFree Church Plays
The Christmas Dinner Play
Christmas Dinner Play Characters & Costumes
Christmas Dinner Play Scenery
The Christmas Dinner Play Introduction
The Christmas Dinner Play First Scene
The Christmas Dinner Play Second Scene
The Christmas Dinner Play Interlude
The Christmas Dinner Play Third Scene

A Christmas Carol Play (Adapted from the story by Charles Dickens by Walter Ben Hare)
A Christmas Carol Play Characters
A Christmas Carol Play Scenery and Costumes
N.B. Have been split into web friendly Acts
A Christmas Carol Play Act One
A Christmas Carol Play Act Two
A Christmas Carol Play Act Three
A Christmas Carol Play Act Four
A Christmas Carol Play Act Five
A Christmas Carol Play Act Six
A Christmas Carol Play Act Seven
A Christmas Carol Play Act Eight
A Christmas Carol Play Act Nine

Up the Chimney Christmas Play
Up the Chimney Christmas Play Characters & Costumes
Up the Chimney Christmas Play Scenery
Up the Chimney Christmas Play Introduction
Up the Chimney Christmas Play First Scene
Up the Chimney Christmas Play Interlude
Up the Chimney Christmas Play Second Scene
Up the Chimney Christmas Play Second Interlude
Up the Chimney Christmas Play Third Scene


A Christmas Bell
A Christmas Lullaby
A Christmas Party
A Christmas Thought
A Message
Bells Across the Snow
Christmas Eve
Christmas Hymn
Christmas Morn
Christmas Waits
Merry, Merry Christmas
The Christmas We Like
The Little Christmas Tree
The Russian Santa Claus

Free, Fun Festive Plays

A Christmas Reunion
A Game of Letters
A Letter From Santa Claus
Christmas Questions
Christmas Stockings
Christmas Wishes
Father Christmas' Message
Merry Christmas
Mr. St. Nicholas
Santa Claus
Santa Claus (Recital)

Christmas Plays and Skits

Free Christmas Skits & Plays
'Skits' - a word we don't come across very often in the modern age. A skit is a short theatrical comedy or play Sketch comedy consisting of short scenes called sketches.  Skits are generally between one and ten minutes long and so ideal for young budding actors and actresses!

Plays for Kids and Children
Kids and Children love to get involved with plays. They enjoy plays either as a participant or as a spectator. It can be difficult to produce a children's play. Try to include as many kids and children as possible. Many plays have opportunities to include extra kids and children via the 'chorus'. There are speaking and non-speaking roles to consider which will suit everyone of the kids and children. Chief characters requiring the talents of kids and children are few and many of the parts have very few lines to speak. These plays are good for kindergarten, preschoolers and older students.

Church Plays
All of the plays include parts for adults - they are perfect as Church plays. Church plays are great fun and so many people can be come involved either on stage or behind the scenes. There are props to gather and scenery for the plays and costumes for the plays to consider. Music is always an option and many plays include the opportunity for the cast and the audience to sing a long with famous well known classic carols. Get the words to Classic Carols and print them off as handouts for the audience of your plays. These plays are great for kindergarten, preschoolers and older students.

Ideas for Plays after the final Curtain
It is a lovely idea to distribute small wrapped candies or sweets after the final curtain of plays. The candies could be taped underneath the seats of the chairs as a real surprise or simply passed around the audience who have come to watch your plays. A chief character, such as Mother Goose, may enter again immediately after the final curtain, and say something like this:

"Well, my dear children, the play is over, and I hope it has pleased you. I heard you laugh once or twice, and that makes me think that you must have liked it. But there is one more thing to tell you, and this you are sure to like very much indeed.

You have been such a wonderful audience that I think that you deserve a sweet surprise. All stand up and look under your chairs!  [or and if you will sit very still, the curtain will open again and the sweets will be brought out and given to you]. 

And so, my dears, as I bid you Good-night, I wish you all (or, I hope you have had) a very Merry Christmas and (wish you) a Happy New Year!"

Plays for Kids and Children - Rehearsals for Plays
Kids and Children love to get involved with plays but remember not to over rehearse! The main charm in festive plays for children and kids lies in their naturalness and simplicity, which is almost sure to be lost if they have rehearsed the play until they have lost their wonder and excitement in the make-believe game of amateur theatricals and plays. At the first rehearsal the kids and children should just listen to a reading of the play. Then read a short scene in detail, allowing each actor to read several parts. Try every child in every child's part before a final selection of the cast of characters is made. If it is possible, begin the second rehearsal on the stage where the play is to be given. Arrange chairs to represent entrances, doors, windows, etc., and have all props on hand, in order to impress on the children's minds the necessity of learning the words and the action at the same time. Stage hands, the prompter, property managers, scene painters and all the play's assistants should be on hand at every rehearsal, if possible. Long waits between the acts and all delays do much to destroy an otherwise happy impression. Every piece of scenery, every costume, every bit of make-up and every prop should be in its place - all ready to make a smooth final performance. Dress rehearsals are absolutely necessary. The last two rehearsals should be complete performances of the play with lights, curtains, costumes, make-up, scenery and all incidentals exactly as they are to be on the night of the performance. At the third rehearsal the play should be given in its entirety, music, gestures, entrances, exits, groupings and crossing from one side of the stage to another at a given cue, etc. In fact, everything as in the completed production - except that the actors may use their copies of the play for reading the lines!

Plays for Kids and Children - The Director of Plays
The Director of the plays should try to establish a happy co-operation with the players that will make the whole production of plays, rehearsals, dress rehearsals and final performance, a series of good times crowned by a happy, if not perfect, production! The plays director should always strive to be cheerful and happy, ever ready to give advice and ever ready to ask for advice, even from the youngest players. Take them into your confidence. Discuss the plays color schemes, the plays costuming, the plays props and making them, the plays lighting and scenic effects with your actors. The director should make every effort to guard against delays of any sort.

Acrostic Recitals
Acrostic style performances are poems or recitals in which the first letter of the lines, taken in sequence, spell out a name, word or message. These were very popular during the Victorian era and variations were used in Victorian Parlour Games. Sadly such games have long been replaced with crossword or other word puzzles. But Acrostic recitals, or mini plays, are really delightful. An easy method of involving children in simple entertainments especially for the festive season when message of joy and goodwill can be portrayed in this fashion.
These recitals are particularly good for kindergarten and preschooler children.

Free Christmas Plays
Enjoy our collection of free Plays. Some of the plays are filled with the spirit of fun and jollity that is always associated with festive merrymaking and the magic of plays. The religious plays provide an opportunity to celebrate the true meaning at this very special time of the year. Enjoy the magic of these wonderful plays!

Festive Plays
Share the success of your plays! We would love to hear about your productions of these plays. Drop us an email, maybe include some photos and let us know how everything went! We would be happy to include some of your anecdotes and maybe some helpful hints on how to make festive plays a success!

Christmas Plays

  • Short Christmas Plays and Skits for children
  • Free short, famous and funny Plays
  • Famous Plays for students and kids
  • Plays for church
  • Religious and Christian Plays - ideal for Church
  • Free Christmas Plays and Skits
  • Christmas Plays for children and kids
  • Cast of characters for the plays
  • Ideas for Costumes for the play
  • Scenery for the plays

Christmas Plays

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