Treasure Hunt Riddles

Riddles! Riddles! Riddles!

Treasure Hunt Riddles

It’s time to play Treasure Hunt this year
When you find the treasure you all can cheer!
There’s old faces as usual and also some new
Who’s going to solve the very first clue?

The rules are quite simple – it’s always the same
Have some fun and some laughs and join in the game!
Just solve the riddle that to leads to the clue
How long will this take? Well that’s up to you!

The first clue is hidden near to a light
Start looking now - the light’s not bright!

Santa Claus lives in the cold North Pole
The next clue can be found inside a roll!

Got the idea? Would you like the next clue?
To continue, a song must be played by you all!

Jingle Bells is the song that you must all play
Look around for some instruments – don’t take all day!
Bang the table, blow a horn, sing the words for me
You must all start on the count of three


What a racket – Santa would go mad
At hearing that song played so bad

So back to the clues – here’s another for you
It will be under something that is colored blue!

Who is observant? I cannot tell
The next clue is tricky – it’s under a bell

Let’s give the Treasure Hunt a little more Fizz
Give me the answers to the Treasure Hunt Quiz!


Who was the brainiest? Who had a gloat?
Look for the next clue under Santa’s coat

The last clue was naff – sorry about that!
The next can be found under a mat!

The next clue just has to be under the tree
Hurry up and find it then read it to me

Hooray it’s the last clue solve it, if you're able
The ‘treasure’ can be found under a table!

Hope you enjoyed the Treasure Hunt Quest
I'll now decide who played the best…
You’ve all played well – you deserve your treasure
Now have some drinks and enjoy some leisure

The Treasure Hunt’s now over, for this year at least
You’ve played games, had a quiz and enjoyed a feast
You deserve your treasure - though it’s not much you’ll see
But sympathise at least with the poor Quiz Master – Me!!

 Riddles! Riddles! Riddles! Give out the 'Treasure'! Riddles!  Riddles! Riddles!

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