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Pets at Christmas
Christmas should be a happy and fun time for everyone - including our pets! Our pets are part of our family - we even send them Christmas cards and give them gifts! This article provides some useful and helpful hints and tips on Pet Safety.

Pets at Christmas - Beware the Tree!
In order to avoid any accidents or expensive trips to the vets this Christmas, a few precautions around the home will ensure you and your pets have a happy and safe festive season. Dogs and cats love exciting new things to chew on. Ornaments, lights and wrapped presents are very hard for the inquisitive pet to ignore. Ribbons and bows, tinsel and tree ornaments all look like exciting new toys to a curious pet. Last year our pet cat was fascinated by our large, artificial tree! On more than one occasion she climbed up the inside of the tree and poked her head out of the branches! We couldn't help laughing but it could have ended in disaster had she been left on her own with the tree - so our first words of precaution are "Beware the Tree!"

Pets at Christmas - Pet Safety
We have listed some more tips and precautions to take to ensure that your family pets have a safe Christmas:

  • Keep the opening hours and emergency phone number of your local vet handy in case of emergency
  • If you are having a house party or a lot of visitors, ensure that your pets have a quiet, safe place where they can rest. They need a quiet room so they can escape from all the noise. Like us, pets need quiet time to rest and relax!
  • Avoid giving your pet the following foods:
    • Alcoholic drinks
    • Chocolate (toxic to pets)
    • Foods with a high salt or fat content
    • Turkey or chicken bones (they can splinter get lodged in your petís throat or can cause serious damage by puncturing the intestinal tract)
    • Out of date food
  • Some dangers to be aware of:
    • Mistletoe, Holly, Poinsettias and other Christmas plants can cause severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea if eaten, they can be fatal for some. Make sure that plants / decorations are in a place where pets won't be able to get to them
    • Loud noises will scare your pet. Christmas crackers, party poppers, fireworks, balloons, and champagne bottles can be very frightening to pets
    • Make sure that all your Christmas wrapping paper and toys are removed from the floor to avoid your pet chewing or swallowing them
  • Always buy your petís presents from a pet shop or you vet to ensure your pets safety
  • Keep candles out of your pets reach and never leave a lighted candle unattended
  • If you are having guests who smoke this Christmas then it is important to ensure that cigarette, cigar buts,
    nicotine patches and nicotine gum are kept out of animals reach. All of these products contain nicotine,
    which can cause illness and even death in small amounts
  • Pine Needles that have fallen off the Christmas tree are very sharp and can easily get stuck in your pet's throat or paws. Ensure that tree needles are swept up regularly or fence off your Christmas tree to keep you pet away from the tree
  • Don't hang chocolates from your Christmas tree: chocolate is highly toxic to your pet
  • Keep any chocolate tins or biscuits out of your pets reach
  • Cover up electric leads/cords and tree lights so your pet canít chew them
  • Flashing fairy lights can scare some pets, try to use fairy lights that donít flash
  • Christmas tree decorations can cause a nasty accident or be fatal to your pet as some can be made from glass
  • Cats, and young pets especially will be interested in decorations hanging from your tree. Try to use unbreakable decorations and nothing too small
  • Tinsel and ribbons can be tempting for pets and look like a great toy but as these are dangerous
    to the intestinal tract if your pet swallows them
  • Make sure your tree is secure so your pet canít pull it over
  • Drinking the water from the Christmas tree base can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. Try to cover the base of your Christmas tree with a skirt or buy a stand that prevents pets being able to drink from it

We hope these hints and tips will ensure the safety or your Pets at Christmas!

Pets at Christmas

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Pets at Christmas

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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