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Christmas Party Invitations
The festive season is the time for parties with friends or family reunions. Add to the festive occasion by sending out your own Christmas party invitations! The advent of the computer age with printers has made it possible to do so much - we can even print Party Invitations with amusing photos. This article will help you to create your own personal party invitations! Have some fun and make your own Xmas Party invitations this year!

The Wording Template for Christmas Party Invitations
Check out our wording template for Christmas Party Invitations. The template will give you a good idea of what to put and you can change the wording to suit your own Xmas Party Invitations

Come and join us at our Christmas Party
Let's get together and eat, drink and be merry!

Given by Beverley and Steve Young at
200, Main Street, Kingsbridge

on Saturday December 19
at 7.30 in the evening

Enjoy some
Mulled Wine, Christmas Cocktails
and Christmas fare!

Look forward to seeing you...

R.S.V.P. Tel: Beverley 224.768.2603

Add a Verse to you Christmas Party Invitations
You can add a verse of your choice to your homemade Christmas Party Invitations. Check out the following links for inspiration!

Verses for Christmas Cards
Christmas Card Sayings

The Content for Christmas Party Invitations
Take some time to decide the required content for your Christmas Party Invitations. The following checklist is full of ideas to get you prepared! There are so many things to prepare for a partyand it's important to know exactly how many people to expect for your festivities! So avoid leaving out some vital information with our list of things to consider for the content of your Christmas Party Invitations:

  1. Choose a theme for your Xmas party invitations - Photo? Color? Funny? Informal? Modern or traditional?

  2. Colors and graphics to use on the Xmas party invitations?

  3. Postcard or folded notelet format

  4. Information required for the Xmas Party Invitation!

    • Who - Who is hosting the event and who is being invited

    • Where - Where the event is being held

    • Why - Christmas or New  Year party

    • When - The Date and the Time of the event!

    • What - Any special instructions - bring a bottle, fancy dress etc.

    • How - How to reply! Contact info ( address or, if an informal invite, telephone number, FAX or email address ). An informal reply by telephone, FAX or email?

Homemade Christmas Party Invitations
Get yourself organised with the materials that you will require to make your Party Invitations.

  • Sharp scissors, a stapler, adhesives, tape and glues, pens, glitter and sequins, colorful pieces of ribbons and a ruler

  • Suitable colored card for your party invitation

  • Suitable photo, if required

  • Computer and printer (You can use card as an invitation 'folder' and print the wording separately that can then be inserted and attached to the card

Christmas Party Invitations

  • Christmas Party Invitations
  • Make your own homemade invitation
  • Add a photo!
  • Get prepared with our check list of useful items
  • Information, hints and tips
  • Ideas for content
  • Wording Template for Christmas Party Invitations
  • Add a verse or saying!
  • Christmas Party Invitations

Christmas Party Invitations

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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