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Christmas Drink Recipes

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Christmas Drink Recipes
Our selection of free Christmas Drink recipes will give you lots of ideas or festive alcoholic drinks. Favorite Christmas drink recipes are top of our list and we have also included recipes which include the most popular beverages. Christmas drink recipes are not difficult to create, for the majority you just need the quantities of ingredients and just mix them together!
We would recommend that you select just a couple of special, festive drinks using your favorite drinks, or whatever you have available! Click the link and get some great, festive ideas!

Christmas Drink Recipes!

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Christmas Drink Recipes - Add the WOW Factor!
Presentation is the key to giving creating the WOW factor with your Christmas Drink Recipes. Colorful presentations with festive 'props' like umbrellas, paper flowers and sparklers are great for festive cocktails. These decorations are cheap and easy to buy but they really do give a festive WOW factor! Choose some drinking glasses with an unusual shape and give the drinking glasses a frosted edge by dipping the rim into Lemon juice and then dipping the rim of the glass into sugar. Simple, but so effective! 

Christmas Drink Recipes - Cocktails!
You can create some great Cocktails. Serve your cocktails with tropical fruits, swizzle sticks, crushed ice, umbrellas and paper flowers. For a really special festive touch add some sparklers!

Christmas Drink Recipes - Mocktails!
Don't forget your guests who do not take alcohol. Provide some super mocktails for them! Mocktails are great for Christmas parties and even the kids can try them! Non Alcoholic Drinks are known as Mocktails or Virgin Drinks. The name 'Mocktail' is a derivative of two words - 'mock' meaning a copy and 'cocktail' meaning a mixed drink. These non alcoholic drinks, or mocktails, are made of one or more kinds of beverages such as fruit juices or mixers.

Top Ten Christmas Drink Recipes
The most popular drinks of all time have been included in our Top Ten Christmas Drink Recipes!

Hot Christmas Drink Recipes
There are Christmas Drink recipes which include Buttered Hot Rum, Hot Rumba and Mulled wine which are perfect winter warmers. This type of special festive drink takes a little more time to prepare and for these we have provided the list of ingredients and simple easy instructions to the recipes.

Christmas Drink Recipes
We hope you will enjoy our selection of Christmas Drink recipes. Make a fuss of of your guests and prepare some great festive alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks!

Christmas Drink Recipes for Parties!
Party Drinks! During the festive season when you are expecting a lot of guests create a pitcher of a ready mixed drink or use a punch recipe. They are quick and easy to make in advance of a party! Make sure that you use the correct ingredients and quantities to produce the best results. The following simple, easy guidelines will help with the different quantities:

1 oz (ounce) equals 2 tbsp (tablespoons)
1 shot equals 1 oz (ounces)
1 cup equals 8 oz (ounces)

Christmas Drink Recipes

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Christmas Drink Recipes

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