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Christmas Lawn Decorations
We associate bright colorful Christmas Lawn Decorations with this special time of the year. This is a fairly recent development - but what a difference the easily affordable Christmas Lawn decorations make to the neighborhood! Lights, sculptures and inflatable decorations are all available, and most of them are quite cheap! This article details facts and information about Christmas Lawn Decorations. Everyone loves the custom and tradition of decorating  houses, lawns, gardens, yards and homes! Lots of free ideas and easy instructions for a decorative display for your home and lawn during the festive holiday season.

How to choose your Christmas Lawn Decorations
There are a huge variety of Christmas Lawn decorations suitable for decorating your garden or front yard. Every year there are new electric sculptures available! Don't discard your old lawn decorations just move them to the back garden or lawn! Some of the most popular Christmas lawn decorations are listed below:

·         Santa Claus

·         Elves

·         Reindeer

·         Stars

·         Snowflakes

·         Angels

·         Snowmen

·         Nativity / Crib Scene

·         Light Garlands

·         Icicle Lights

·         Net / Mesh lights

·         Silhouettes

Christmas Lawn Decorations – Planning
An important consideration when planning your Christmas Lawn decorations is your available space! It is important to plan how your display will look so you can really appreciate and most importantly see all your Lawn decorations! It is also good practice to decide on a decorating theme. Do you prefer traditional symbols or more modern Christmas decorations? Once you have planned your festive display and set out your Lawn decorations it is time to switch on the lights and let the whole neighbourhood appreciate your hard work!

Christmas Lawn Decorations – Solar Lights
Why not consider using Solar lights for your Lawn decorations this year? Solar lights are environmentally friendly and money saving! Solar lights store energy from the sun during the day and use this energy to light up when it turns dark. They don’t need any plugs or electrical sockets so can be placed anywhere - a great advantage when planning your Christmas lawn decorations.

Christmas Lawn Decorations – Safety Information
However you decide to decorate your Lawn or garden, you should be aware of some important security and safety issues to ensure everyone has a happy and safe Christmas.

  • Ensure that all lights used in outdoor Lawn Christmas decorations and displays are suitable for outside use, they have to be weatherproof. All electric Cables laid on your lawn should be kept away from water and should be plugged into a grounded outdoor electrical socket

  • Using a timer on your Lawn or garden lights is a good way to ensure that they do not get left on for too long. Remember that overheated cables can be a fire hazard.

  • Make sure that your kids and pets are kept away from your lawn and garden decorations and displays

  • Unfortunately, Christmas lawn decorations are tempting to thieves. A wired alarm system is worth considering, it can be laid on the lawn near your decorations and activated by anyone walking across it.

  • Damage to lawn and garden decorations and displays can also be accidental. Inflatable lawn decorations for example need to be tied securely as high winds could blow them into the road and cause an accident.

  • Plastic decorations are ideal for outdoor lawn, yard and garden displays

Christmas Lawn Decorations – Safety Checklist
Complete the Christmas Lawn decorations checklist below and consider all the points raised to ensure you and your family have a happy and safe Christmas:

Christmas Lawn Decorations – Safety Checklist


Are all electrical leads suitable for outside use?


Y / N


Are all electric cables secure ? Are there any trailing electric cables?


Y / N


Have you used a timer switch to control how long lights stay on for?


Y / N


Have any inflatable lawn decorations been secured in the event of high winds?


Y / N


Are all of your decorations really suitable for outdoor use?


Y / N

Christmas Lawn Decorations
Special skills and expensive decorations are not required to create a special centre piece for your home at this special time of the year. Sparkling fairy lights, tinsel, decorations and ornaments are easily affordable and our facts and information about Christmas Lawn Decorations will help create a merry, festive atmosphere!

Christmas Lawn Decorations

  • Christmas Lawn Decorations
  • Indoor decorations and for the outdoor lawn and outside Lawn
  • Decorate the tree, the mantel and the party table
  • Children and kids can help!
  • Unusual Lawn and Garden Xmas Decorations
  • Unusual, unique, cheap and fun!
  • Decorate your home, your garden and your Lawn
  • Christmas Lawn Decorations

Christmas Lawn Decorations

"Merry Christmas, have a happy and prosperous New Year!"

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