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Christmas Village
Discover the Christmas custom, story, myth and legend associated with the Christmas Village. This festive tradition and Christmas custom, with its familiar symbol and meaning, has evolved over time. But what is the history, meaning and origin of the Christmas Village? This article provides facts and information about the history of the Christmas Village as a familiar symbol, tradition and Christmas custom.  

The Christmas Custom, Origin and History of the Christmas Village
Some origins date back to the pagan traditions and customs of the ancients. Other symbols, customs and traditions have specific religious significance to the Christian religion and the Nativity of Jesus Christ. And finally there are many new, non-religious customs which have emerged
due to increased prosperity and the commercialism of the festival in the modern world. The origin of the Christmas Village was as a depiction of the Nativity scene. Another word for a Christmas Village is 'Putz'

The Christmas Village - The Nativity Scene and the History of the Putz
The word "Putz" is derived from the German word 'putzen' meaning "to decorate, especially to adorn a church."
The villages are rooted in the elaborate Christmas customs and traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch. The Pennsylvania Dutch are the descendants of Germanic peoples who emigrated to the U.S. (primarily to Pennsylvania), from Germany and Holland prior to 1800. Scenes of the Nativity are extremely popular at Xmas and originally the putz consisted of a variety of figures, who featured in the story of the Nativity, which were made of wood, clay or tin. These miniature figures especially appealed to children. The scenes of the Nativity with figures depicting, Mary, Joseph, the 3 wise men, the shepherds and their animals were displayed in a 'stable'. The infant Jesus was the centre piece and depicted as a baby lying in a manger or cradle. The popularity of the putz evolved into the idea for a miniature Christmas Village.

The History of the Christmas Village - Early 1900's
The popularity of the putz, with its miniature figures a Nativity scene evolved into the miniature Christmas Village. The scenes of the Nativity became more and more elaborate. Other religious characters were added to the Nativity scene, such as Noah, the Ark and countless wooden animals. Eventually non religious characters were also added. Trains were added. Then buildings were added such as a church which were followed by the addition of miniature houses. All of these items were originally hand made.

The History of the Christmas Village - Late 1900's
Companies started mass producing cardboard, wooden or paper churches, houses and other buildings. The miniature buildings usually had holes in the back or the bottom through which Christmas lights were placed to provide illumination. The roofs of the houses were decorated with fake snow - all of the elements for the Christmas Village had been created. The buildings for Christmas Villages were sold separately, and because they were made of inexpensive material, they became an inexpensive festive decoration, which especially appealed to kids. Christmas Villages became widely available throughout the United States and their popularity has now spread to other countries, especially the UK.

Christmas Village
Xmas is celebrated worldwide, throughout the Christian population of approximately 2275 million people, but is also celebrated by many non-Christians as a secular, cultural festival. A Christmas custom or tradition is symbolized by a familiar symbol or icon, such as the Xmas Village,  have come to represent the spirit and meaning of this special time of the year.

Christmas Village

Christmas Village

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Christmas Village

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