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Have Fun and a Merry Christmas!
Xmas Greetings! Having a family reunion? Looking for unusual ideas to make sure everyone is entertained? Looking for Boredom Busters? We have fun and activities to suit all age groups from the youngest children in the family to teenage kids, adults and the older members of the family.

Welcome to the Family site that provides everything you will all need for a Merry Christmas!
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Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Santa Claus!
Dedicated to Santa Claus! The history, origins and the legends and myths which surround the magic of Santa Claus. His house in the North Pole, his sleigh and the reindeers and their names. How to Write to Santa and find out about the The North Pole and Santa Claus. Decide whether you have been naughty or nice! Santa Claus Mailing Address and Santa's Phone Number. Santa's helpers - the Happy Christmas Elves. Happy Stories, Happy games, Happy movies, Happy songs and Happy poems about Santa Claus. The Coca Cola connection to Santa Claus. Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas. In fact, just about everything you need to know about Santa Claus including Tracking Santa Claus!

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Verses for Christmas Cards!
Prepare for the festive season with Homemade crafts and free Verses for Xmas Cards. With just a little bit of planning you can keep everyone happy and ensure that all the family and your friends really do have a Merry Christmas! 

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Kids Christmas Coloring Sheets!
We have a great selection of coloring sheets and pages that you can print off to keep the kids and children amused including a free Santa Claus Coloring Sheet. Free printable coloring sheets and pages and pictures to print and color. Free printable cartoon pictures of elves, candy, snowman and Santa Claus and his sleigh. For pre-schoolers, kindergarten and older children! Festive Fun - free cartoon pictures to print and color! An ideal free drawing activity for preschoolers, kids, kindergarten, toddlers and children of other ages. Just print and color!

Baby Reindeer Coloring Sheet

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Christmas Games
Most of the family like playing various games during the holiday season. We have games for all the family and all ages - games for kids, games for adults and groups and of course some office party games including our totally unique Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt and Charades. On this section you can play free online games or get some ideas of different party games, trivia games, word games, brain teasers and even a holiday version of bingo!

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas learning about the old Christmas Customs and Traditions
Merry Christmas Around the World! You will love reading about the old Xmas Traditions Around the World. What is the meaning of the symbols of Xmas? What were origins and customs associated with the Yule Log, Plum Pudding, the bells, the dance, the Pagan Festivals of the ancients, the Druids, evergreens such as the holly and the ivy, Stockings, the Tree, Christmastide, the Advent Wreath, the Advent Calendar, the History of Xmas Cards, the Candles, the lights, the cards, cookies, crackers, gingerbread, the Star, the Rose, ornaments and baubles, tinsel, the colors, reindeer, elves and the gifts. The origins of Boxing Day and the customs of Advent, Xmas Eve and the 12 Days of Xmas.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas - Christmas Traditions around the World
These festive articles cover the festive traditions around the world. What type of festive food and drink to people enjoy around the world. Facts and info about the country together with Xmas traditions around the world. How is Merry Christmas said in different languages? How do you say Merry Christmas in Irish? How do you say Merry Christmas in Russia? Read about Xmas Traditions around the World. Mexican Xmas traditions, German Traditions and Italian Traditions. What are the Xmas traditions that are adhered to in Australia, England, China, France, Panama, Italy, Germany, Holland, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Israel and Latin America? What were the Pagan Origins of Xmas Traditions?

Have a really Merry Christmas with some of the greatest Christmas Movies
What are your Top Ten Xmas Movies? We have compiled lists of the greatest movies of all time and even a list of the worst movies! We all enjoy the old, classic movies. Most of our favorites have a holiday theme such as "It's a Wonderful Life" or "White Christmas" but all the family still seem to watch the classics such as "The Wizard of Oz" or even the "Great Escape"! We have provided facts and information about the most popular Xmas movies of all time in this section.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Christmas Crafts!
Many of us love the idea of getting involved in making homemade Xmas decorations but have no experience in Xmas Crafts! Free Xmas Crafts to make for children and kids such as angel and snowmen crafts. Xmas Crafts for adults on how to make easy homemade table and pinecone decorations. We have free and easy instructions for anyone interested in Xmas Crafts - Make a Calendar! We have concentrated on simple, easy and effective holiday items and crafts. Start preparing for making and becoming involved in homemade crafts - for DIY Xmas Crafts start collecting useful odds and ends in advance and store them in a large cardboard crafts box. Start getting your crafts kits together. For Xmas crafts collect bits of cardboard, shiny stuff like foil or candy wrappings, old greetings cards, pretty paper, scraps of fabric and cartons and containers. For Xmas crafts you will need sharp scissors, adhesives and glues, pens, glitter, sequins and pieces of ribbons. Some are suitable for pre-schoolers and kindergarten ages. Everyone can Make a Christingle. With a basic stock and and some of our ideas and instructions you can make some really easy to make Christmas crafts for kids, including pre-schoolers and kindergarten, or easy, homemade crafts to make for the Xmas bazaar!

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with ideas for Unique Christmas Gifts
What do you get for someone who seems to have everything? Many of our friends and relations are really difficult to give a useful Xmas gift. We have included some ideas for Merry Christmas gifts in this section which will help with these decisions. The Top 10 Xmas gifts. Xmas Gift Ideas for Men. Unique Xmas Present Ideas for the Hard to buy for. Inexpensive and homemade gifts. Don't forget that the best gifts do not have to be expensive to valuable! Cheap gifts can be just as well received as expensive ones - check out our Homemade Xmas Gifts! Finding a good idea for a unique gift will solve this problem. We have an inexpensive unique gift that is suitable for all ages and is absolutely fascinating! What are some good Stocking Stuffers? Check out our our book on the History of Nursery Rhymes!

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Festive Facts!
Unusual information from our Fun Merry Christmas facts and trivia for kids, children and adults. Some of the facts are useless, some are amazing and some facts are downright weird! We even have Xmas Shopping Facts. Many are little known facts and we have tried to include some random and funny facts to make everyone smile like our Fun Xmas Facts!  There are even some Merry Christmas Facts Around the World. Here's a tip, if you want to make Xmas a little less stressful and help our environment, look at artificial Xmas trees this year. No mess to clean up and you can use it year after year saving real trees and money!

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with a Xmas Quiz
Try our free, online Interactive Xmas Quiz Game. Our unique quiz format turns into a fast interactive game, which is similar to the 'Millionaire' quiz multi choice format. It's interactive and can become highly addictive. This quiz provides fourteen Merry Christmas Quiz questions to answer which become increasingly difficult. The Xmas Quiz is in a multi-choice format. It's quick and easy to play - no typing, just read the questions and point and click to the answer of your choice! We also have a variety of printable Merry Christmas Quizzes with lots of questions and an answer sheet.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Family Xmas Quiz Questions and Answers
Our Merry Christmas Quiz choice includes a Xmas Carol quiz with trivia questions and answers sheets, a Xmas Songs quiz with trivia questions and answers sheets, a Bible quiz with trivia questions and answers sheets and a Xmas film quiz with trivia questions and answers sheets where all your favorite festive movies get a mention! Great fun for the office, kids, children, teens and adults. The whole family can join in this favorite festive pastime. This printable quiz format is perfect for office and family parties and fun. Our free quizzes are suitable for all festive occasions during the holiday season.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Funny Xmas Poems
Enjoy the magic of our Free Xmas Poems. Our collection of free poems for the festive holiday season include, free short poems, famous poems and even Funny Poems for Xmas. A delightful selection of poems for kids . Cute, silly, Happy, funny and humorous poems to make you and your children smile and a wonderful selection of religious poems and Christian poems. Inspirational poems about the meaning of Xmas. Xmas poems to suit all taste from young children to the  adults in the family. Famous, inspirational Merry Christmas poems for everyone.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Useful Festive Quotes!
It's useful to look up Merry Christmas quotes and sayings. You can add quotes to greetings cards and party invitations and attach as messages to gift tags on gifts from our selection of Best Christmas Quotes. Our Happy selection of quotes, quotations and sayings for the festive holiday season include quotations that are funny, humorous and cute!

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Festive Plays
Enjoy the magic of our free Xmas Plays. A selection of free Xmas plays for children and students in this section with helpful tips about the Xmas characters in the plays, the costumes in the plays and the scenery. There are also religious and Christian plays, skits and acrostics for kids and children which are suitable for church or schools. Some are suitable for pre-schoolers and kindergarten ages. Acrostic style performances are poems or recitals in which the first letter of the lines, taken in sequence, spell out a name, word or message are particularly good for kindergarten and preschooler children!

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Short Xmas Stories
Enjoy the Happy magic of our selection of free Kids Short Xmas Stories. Our collection of free Xmas Stories for the festive holiday season include, free short Stories, famous Stories and funny Stories. A delightful  selection of Stories for kids. Cute, silly, funny and humorous Xmas Stories to make you and your children smile and a wonderful selection of Xmas Religious Stories and Christian Stories. Inspirational Stories about the meaning of Xmas. Stories to suit all taste from young children to the adults in the family. Famous, inspirational Merry Christmas stories for everyone.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Christmas Carols and Videos
The words and lyrics to Classic Xmas Carols have been provided for the family to enjoy a special Happy Christmas. The classic Christian song lyrics in the form of classic carols never fail to bring back warm memories of the Merry Christmas time of years past. Our collection of Happy, classic carols include the most popular Christian song lyrics. We have also included French Xmas Carols and Xmas Carols in German. Our selection includes Happy, classic carols such as Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels sing, Good King Wenceslas, Joy to the World, O Holy Night, The First Noel, Away in a Manger, Deck the Halls and Ding Dong Merrily on High. So enjoy and have fun reading the words and lyrics to the top classic Xmas carols. So enjoy and have fun reading the words and lyrics to the top classic Xmas carols.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with a Christmas Word Search Puzzles
Have fun with our Free, Online Xmas Word Search puzzles! Try our Free Easy Word Search Puzzles. Difficult and easy Word Find (or Wordfind) Search Puzzles, Word Seek (or Wordseek) Puzzles, Word Sleuth (or Wordsleuth) Puzzles, Wonderword (or Wonder word) Search Puzzles, Mystery word (or Mysteryword) Puzzles and Word Puzzles or Xmas Word Games.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Homemade Decorations
Read about indoor decorations and outdoor lawn and outside yard decorations with lots of helpful hints and tips about lighted decorations. Learn about easy to make Xmas decorations for the tree, the mantel and the table. In the current economic climate it makes sense to make your own decorations - it's cheap to makes homemade decorations and fun for the children and kids who get into the holiday mood and start preparing for the festivities. We have clear and easy instructions for making Xmas decorations. Create some unique and unusual party table decorations and tree decorations - homemade are so often the best and most popular way of decorating your home. You can even cheer up your work place with Merry Christmas decorations for the computer!

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the Christmas Tree
Everyone loves the Xmas tree! Find out the history, origins, meaning and legends of the Xmas Tree. What does the tree represent and symbolize? Get some helpful tips and ideas on preserving and keeping a live Xmas Tree fresh so that it lasts longer. Get some ideas on how to decorate a tree and the different decorations that can be used, including homemade tree decorations. Lots of ideas and easy instructions for creating a wonderful Merry Christmas tree for your home during the festive holiday season.

Eat, Drink and be Happy with some great Christmas Dinner Recipes
It's the time for a Happy family feast. Family reunions are a feature of the holidays and festive food is high on the list of priorities. We have included the most popular, festive  recipes for traditional Xmas dishes and meals. Homemade Cookie Recipes, Homemade Appetizer recipes,  Cake recipes, Xmas Dinner Recipes, Snack recipes, Candy recipes, Baking recipes and Xmas Dessert recipes. Our recipes include easy instructions and cooking methods together with lists of ingredients. Favorite and great ideas for traditional Merry Christmas meals - a free, easy and simple collection of the most popular Xmas recipes for the holidays.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with some great Christmas Drink Recipes and Cocktails
We have also included a Xmas Drink Recipes section. Wow your guest with traditional favorites such as Buttered Hot Rum Recipe, Happy Mulled Wine Recipe, Happy Bucks Fizz Recipe, Happy Party Drink Recipes, Happy Margarita, Happy Mimosa Recipe, Happy Mojito, Happy Cosmopolitan, Champagne Cocktail and festive Happy Martini recipes.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with the History of Christmas
Xmas History for kids of all ages! Read about the history, origins, traditions and legends of Xmas. Facts and information about the traditional stories. Learn about the history of the tree, the 12 days of Xmas, trivia info, white Xmas, the lights, the cards, the carols, the stockings, the turkey, the foods, presents and gifts. What was the history of the Merry Christmas parade? Traditional history of the Happy festive season in America and England. The connections with Pagan cultures and ancient histories. Historical info for kids, children, and all of the family. This information is all printable and free!

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with some great Ideas for Christmas Activities
Boredom Busters! Happy Festive Fun! Merry Christmas Party Activities. Xmas Activity Sheets and Ideas for Xmas Activities for preschoolers, kids, kindergarten, children, teens and adults. Festive Activities to keeps everyone amused including easy recipes with a Merry Christmas flavour and craft related activities. Question and Answer activity sheets and worksheets for students. Add to theses some puzzles, games and quizzes and you have a program of interesting Merry Christmas activities.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas with Festive Puzzles
Have fun with our Free, Online Xmas Puzzles! Great Boredom Busters or just for relaxation. Activity Sheets and Ideas for Free Xmas Puzzles for kids, children, teens and adults. Festive Puzzles to keep everyone amused including crossword puzzles and puzzle games. These Printable Puzzles are completely free. We even have some Christian Xmas puzzles to ensure that we don't forget the real meaning of the festive season.

Have Fun and a Merry Christmas!
Looking for some fun for a Merry Christmas? This whole Merry Christmas website is dedicated to providing everything you need for a Merry Christmas that is not only fun but is also free! We have fun facts and fun games and lots more as you can see from all of the different sections on this Merry Christmas website! The holidays don't have be to be expensive to be Happy and fun! We have included Xmas Jokes. The family can just get together and enjoy traditional, Happy festive activities such as party games and quizzes at literally no cost. The content of this Merry Christmas site provides Xmas help for low income families or for those who are just not interested in participating in the commercial hype of the festive season. So relax, get the family together and have fun! By the way, how many words can you make out of Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

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